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Our Values


Fulham Cross Girls’ School is an outstanding school, in the top two percent nationally for the progress that our students make.  However, if you ask any member of the school community they will tell you that it is so much more than that.  It is a truly exceptional school that changes girls’ lives through our commitment to Empowering Tomorrow’s Women.

Fulham Cross is a school of great heart where diversity is celebrated and girls take care of each other so that they can flourish in a supportive environment and achieve their full potential.  Our families share our commitment to ensuring that the girls are independent and make choices with integrity and intelligence whilst our staff believe that our students deserve the best. We demand this of everyone who joins our school community.

We believe that every young woman should be empowered to be bold, brave and ready to overcome the challenges that girls and women face to succeed in today’s society.  We are passionate about providing a route into a successful, rich and interesting future through education. 


Our core Empower Values support students in becoming positive role models and successful women in the future.

Fulham Cross Girls School embodies a united, successful school standing together for what we believe in and is how we “Empower Tomorrows Women”

We shall achieve this through:

A relentless focus on quality of teaching and learning across the school, in every lesson.

The use of robust assessment systems to track progress and to intervene in a timely and effective manner.

An expectation that all staff and students will meet consistently applied, high standards for education and behaviour/professionalism.

Challenging, inspirational leadership at all levels and an investment in developing the skills and expertise of all staff.